Garden Sage Spagyric Elixer ( Secret Fire Apothecary)




Distilled/sublimated extract, 5:1 weight/volume.
Ingredients: Dried Salvia officinalis, mineral salts, natural spirits.
Source: Local farm partnership/organic cultivation, Canada.

Planetary Rulership: Jupiter
Taste/smell: Aromatic, Earthy, Citrus, Pine, Bitter
Energetics: Cool, Dry

Spagyric Elixirs are predominantly attuned to the Alchemical Sulphur principle (the Soul Body), with a focus on the volatile oil paired in balance with the fixed mineral salts and natural spirits. They are crafted via multiple distillation processes and a final cohobation with the mineral salts and natural spirits.

Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Always consult with a health professional
Before using, especially if you have a health condition or if you are taking medications.


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