Cacao spagyric



Etymology: Theo~Bromine ; Theo-broma, meaning from, Theo: God and Broma: Food

God Food Theobromine

Extraction: Two samples were prepared. One fresh sample and one sample as processed and roasted seeds. Roasted seeds were dual extracted using ~95% ABV Ethanol and DI water in a soxhlet apparatus. Seeds were calcined for ten plus hours before cohobation. Solvent scheme was determined based on the work of Zhong, Jilaung in the Journal of Chemical Engineering (1). Caffeine and theobromine were the main targets of this extraction, thus water was used first and subsequently ethanol. The dual extract was combined to a 25% final abv based on the concept of following the natural occuring ratios of active compounds with their ideal sovlents. Ethanol : Caffeine and Water : Theobromine as indicated in the data table below. about a 1:4 ratio of theobromine to caffeine.

Cacao enhances cerebral flow, provides neuroprotective, neurogenerative and synaptogenic effects enhancing cognitive functioning in adults and children (4). Theobromine is another stimulant that provides effects like caffeine but with less intensity and side affects. Its physical structure is close to that of caffeine but its physological actions are slightly different, however the effects are complimentary and conducive to enhancing the overall quality of life through a well balanced and moderated usage.


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