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~ Christic Will ~

An Alchemical Love Poem


If you think about what’s makes a successful society last longer and dash farther , it’s the quality of the individuals  

The vital state in the dust of the yeast starter

We may notice an impurity .. a blemish, or breach in bacterial security so to speak in any given grouping or cluster of minds or mud..

or an intrusion of energy perhaps – a blockage potentially lodged in a yet to be determined layer of ones auric field ,

perhaps distraught by the illusive perceptions of time 

 and times soul contractual deals 

so technically defined and attracted by magnetic action to …ones dissatisfaction..

Yet our responses from one to the other

 will,  and can,  if we so choose give rise and strengthen our collectives sisters or brothers, and the energy they emanate .

And to think of

the heights that we may climb too , and the fellow humans we may lend hands to and lift up ,

To then strengthen our being and gracefully carry the celestial burdens of time and exchange them for the armor of god as our shields of light &  liberty 🗽

 to illuminate the the path in the night , and be protected by the constant of the prime itself ..

Etheric, emotional, mental , astral, celestial , causal or physical …

From closed and hermetically sealed , to Open and leaking essences

If strengthened in symbolic relation

We may then tend to the wounds of the weakened with intelligent presence.

Maybe a comet had pierced the external vicinity of the germination bubbles of a being ..

Maybe the perceptual poison is hidden in the medicine of the venom .. and the signals are potently rendered by the stinging sensational emblems they exemplify ..

– The diagnosis is due ,,, to the adaptation of the adepts relation with truth .. 

exemplified in the high notes of our singing praisings as proofs.

So as we gaze and fixate our awakenings of dose dependent calibrations bearing the Asclepian Torch and mark the boundaries of the ails

We rain down like a co-precipitate as we are co-participating energizers of that which is fixated into the Akashic records of the Devine Memorizer …

So as within so without we go

From individual to the masses of the globe

The scale is tipped by the weight of our willingness

so be it. A violent.. or triumphant Unitarian upheaval

like a nations freedom state per se

 in Pursuit of evil slain

an experiment dependent by the ruling powers compensations .. 

and now has come the hour of resulting implications.. 

As dissipating patience evaporates and the countries dawning sabbath day observes its Economic falling tower .. worshiping the false idol of the dollar pay

with a taste of bitter sour

Like a civilian analysis placed under the microscope – calling into question governmental regulations

 Washing the scum clean like lathered soup dissemination


A great observance meditation

A study in the art of manifestation

Are they not the results of a metamorphosis? – 

A transmutational undertaking excreted out of the pore of a orifice 

like volcanic lava birthing diamonds for the futures to come limitless and borderless

We can attune to the holy flow like Orpheus – confident and courageous in the rapids of the rivers down below

And take decent into the under

Orchestrating in Rhythem with the music of the spheres above while taming beasts below

and counteracting parasitic thieves – whom are out to steel and collect our sovereign souls

As we are ALL In loves pursuit

We may exist and be devoured by demons and hungry entities lurking … to weave through cracks in our sleeping mentation tossing turning and violently jerking..or

We may rise . 

Rise to the occasion, live and dye into the holly flow – a hyper-synchronised sacrificial offering feeding the mycelial network of the human story’s do si do . 

And in its reverb, informing past and present from the now .

 So off we go.

Its clear that unbeknownst to many 

events in plenty occur to push and propel and steer 

To direct our attention through the function of the will beyond fear

To awaken consciousness and activate action and expand the field and the limits of perceptions pier

To move forth boldly .

if these truths unfold and become bestowed in the roots of your beholding

know this 

if power is the fuel of the will 

the accumulation of that is yes but ONE occult currency certainly

And with it we know..  comes great responsibility

but perhaps not that of sertainty

 although indeed earned by the position of ones location relative to the orientation within the dots of the yin and the yang in their fluctuating game of frequency

A small and sustainable Bubble susceptable to delinquency

And  yet

 A more prime-evil energy a primative Good – is held closer to the heart of the emanations of god 

The cosmic Christos

The Compound Deriver


Birthing secondary metabolites

By letting there be light


If you study culture , within society or within a petri-dish you may notice patterns .

You might come to understand the great principles that hydrate the fabric of our physical and spiritual reality and navigate .. 

from Mercury past Saturn 

You may come to know unity

 You may seek to adapt to a Devine state of virtuousity 

You may even adopt the occult art of forgiveness perhaps ..

If you seek to know nature you seek to know god . 

So You may then bathe in the fountains of archaic primordial waters And saturate your self with the light of truth itself .

a union with the cosmic Christic lightning rod

The secret-fire that breathes from the word of the mouth of the creator 

of the source code emanator 

The observer creator behind archetype 

The music of the inner temple vibrations of sympathetic vibratory resonance with its Anima Mundic incarnation 

Its unseen glowing of inner golden sun beams

You may notice reoccurring consistencies

Gnosis encompasses the understanding of the generative principle of reality as we know it .

Nature comprehends the visible and non visible things of the whole universe

From flower to leaf to root we go accumulating cosmic lute

And Into counter space we meet the face of potent truth

With companion or alone we search out

to and frow

beyond the stone

 harmonizing with the om

Living and breathing this glorious ever present Origin of this Murcurial Alchemical love poem