Blockchain “Decentralized Digital Doe” - A.K.A. Crypto Currency - is in many ways eliminating the bullshit of banking through blockchain technology. It is without a doubt revolutionizing the way we conduct financial transactions on a global scale. Crypto provides many needed services such as transaction speed, cryptographic security, and a higher level of anonymity and privacy. lets take a dive into digital waters and explore the latest n greatest in the land of crypto. Plant Intellegence Mycelium A.K.A. - Earths Natural internet is the fungal network that about 90% of land plants are leveraging. Mycelium makes it all possible for plants to send and receive info by plugging in to the network, allowing Mature trees to help local developing trees by distributive nutrient transfers. Lets talk about plant awareness, and explore how mushrooms can save the planet. Mixed Realities - Cyborgs Welcome to life 3.0 The Co-existence of various forms of humans, robots, surrogates, and artificial Intelligence. We will be navigating real world as well as digital spaces, experiencing multifarious layered virtual realities via combinations of interactive holographic media, telepresence, and tactile haptic feedback combinations to name a few technologies
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